Our award-winning approach enables growth and drives profitability

Our award-winning approach is not simply based on theory, it is the product of proven strategic experience and technical expertise across a number of disciplines. NorthFind Management works in the areas of due diligence for acquisition purposes, post-merger integration, goal alignment, working capital improvement, forecasting, sales and marketing strategies, and data-led, actionable analysis.

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About NorthFind Management

Who We Are

NorthFind is a global management consultancy with a focus on value chain optimization, Sales and Operations Planning, and forecasting and predictive analytics. We provide leading-edge insights driven by actionable analysis and real-world solutions. Our team are practitioners carrying a wealth of experience and technical expertise who can quickly diagnose operational deficiencies, minimize downtime, and maximize profitability.

Our Philosophy

Start with data, clearly define root causes, and create a plan within the context of your business; not only theoretical best practices. We define a roadmap to get you rapid results by utilizing methodologies which achieve a balance between processes, technology, and culture. Above all, we develop change agents from within, so you can sustain your own results.

How Are We Different

Our initiatives are organic. We build them into your team so they can continue to evolve and improve. We are focused on coaching and enabling your organization, which means that your process knowledge becomes ingrained in your foundation, even when our work is done. We stand behind our promises and you will get 100% of fees back if the recommendations and roadmap we provide do not satisfy you.

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