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We are a team of practitioners with the unique combination of hands-on experience and the latest education in the theoretical underpinnings of operations and supply chain. We analyze our client’s current operations, material movements and real customer demands to provide actionable insights that are tied to financial impact. Above all, we focus on organic initiatives and developing change agents from within so your operational success can be sustained long-term.

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Practice Areas 

Operational Excellence

Are you trying to increase the efficiency of your supply chain? Do you struggle to keep service levels up without excessive inventory? We can help you understand and forecast real supply and demand, enabling you to maximize service levels while minimizing the costs of carrying inventory. Our operational excellence practice includes demand planning, forecasting, strategic sourcing, inventory strategy, network optimization and more.

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Sales & Operations Planning

Are you focusing more on putting out fires than dealing with their underlying causes? Sales and Operations Planning is a long-term strategic undertaking that aligns your sales, operations and finance teams across all components, including technology, process and people. S&OP is a cultural shift across the organization with side-effects such as improved service levels and reduced inventory carrying costs.

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Risk Management & BCP

Do you have processes in place to ensure you are always mitigating risks? While you can never guarantee you won’t be impacted by unexpected events, it is important to put processes in place to minimize their likelihood. It’s also crucial to invest in plans for how you adapt to business interruptions and ensure your business can not only survive disruptions, but come out stronger.

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Interim Governance

Whether it’s filling a critical leadership role, post-merger integration or shifting your organization to focus on ESG, we can help. We know that ensuring strong, continuous governance can be a challenge, especially during times of change. We can guide your team through governance changes or place interim governance at the director, VP and C-suite levels to support you while you find your long-term hire.

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    Supply Chain Brain 2020 Awards
    Press Release

    NorthFind Named 100 Great Supply Chain Partners

    For 18 years running, SupplyChainBrain has published a much-anticipated list of 100 Great Supply Chain Partners — a select group of companies whose customers recognize them for providing outstanding solutions and services. This year, NorthFind Management is honoured to be included as one of those companies.

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