NorthFind Management.Experts in Interim Governance & Post-Merger Integrations.

At NorthFind Management, we know that critical leadership roles can be challenging to fill. The hiring processes is extensive and time-consuming, the effects of which are compounded in the midst of rapid change. We place interim governance at the director, VP and C-suite level to help our clients meet today’s challenges and scale for growth while they hire a long-term leader.

As experts at mergers and acquisitions, we also know that post-merger integration is crucial to an organization’s success. We are a team of practitioners experienced in optimizing the value return post-merger through operations site audits, talent assessments, process audits, process architecture and interim governance.

NorthFind Management.Experts in OperationsDue Diligence

Too many enterprises engage in M&A as a paper-based exercise, without effective operational validation in the field. That can result in reduced value, inaccurate analyses, duplication of assets, gross inefficiencies and worse. Many organizations don’t have the in-house expertise to drill down through the details and perform a comprehensive evaluation of the upside and the downside. Others are better off focusing on their core competencies, conducting business as usual while the proper analysis and consequent activity are underway.

The consequences of overlooking critical factors in a merger or acquisition are substantial. Are there invisible assets that affect the valuation of the business that have not been properly examined? What are the criteria for passing on the deal, and what is the exit strategy? How do the opportunities outweigh the risk? What is the status of the working capital, the inventory, are there supplier synergies? These are just a few of the questions our clients bring us in to answer. And they often retain NorthFind Management to shepherd the entire process through to a successful conclusion.

Drilling down to the details

Our detailed understanding of organization design, talent, processes and tools uniquely equips us to hit the ground running in an interim governance capacity. We have done it many times with a variety of organizations, allowing us to come up to speed quickly and make immediate impact.

Activities Include:

Interim governance

Operations site audits

Talent assessments

Process audits & architecture