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Real-world S&OP is more than a one-size-fits-all slide in a PowerPoint deck. It requires an understanding of the nuances of each company and value chain.

Our focus is on helping you leverage S&OP as the platform for your entire value chain. Instead of high-level academic exercises, our consultancy always delivers data driven solutions and the right executional detail to achieve rapid results. This approach ensures proper alignment between key organizational components including technology, process and people.

S&OP is a journey:

A comprehensive multi-year endeavour that results in a transformation, enabling long-range strategic planning.

S&OP is not a project, occurring within a relatively short time period, with a defined beginning and end.

Our S&OP diagnostic is much more robust than the self-assessments that overstate current state and promise ‘rapid results’. NorthFind drills into data, conducts stakeholder interviews and talent assessments, and assesses toolset deployment. Our NorthFind Maturity Index (NFMI) scores an enterprise across more than 150 measures and provides benchmarks.

NorthFind Maturity Index (NFMI)

Assessment Scores (%)

Summary of Results

Process (⤥) 32%
Performance Measurement (⤥) 30%
Organization (⤥) 40%
Tools (⤥) 30%

Process Elements

Product Management (⤥) 39%
Demand Planning (⤥) 45%
Supply Management (⤥) 36%
Integrated Reconciliation (↓) 20%
Executive S&OP (↓) 20%
Cycle Time (↓) 20%

Organization Element

Organizational Alignment (→) 53%
Training & Education (⤥) 33%
Standardization & Continuous Improvement (↓) 20%

Tools Element

Systems Control (⤥) 40%
Systems Functionality (⤥) 38%

↑   Sample Output   ↑

Real Solutions for the Real World.

Our functional expertise and real life experience allows us to identify and address root causes and implement corrective actions. We also recognize that sustainable change adoption is dependent on having the right talent and resources. We develop our clients into change agents who can address failure nodes throughout the value chain. We empower your team with robust standard work, effective organizational design, and training so that your new process knowledge becomes ingrained in the organizational DNA.