A global management consultancy

We are a global management consultancy whose core focus is value chain enablement. We achieve this by optimizing the people, process and tools involved in your business, and tying metrics to your P&L. Our team are practitioners with the unique combination of extensive hands-on experience combined with the latest education in the theoretical underpinnings of Operations and supply chain, who specialize in putting best practices into action.

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NorthFind Management - Transformation at work.

NorthFind Management.
Transformation at Work.

The only constant in business is change.
The only question is, are you evolving with it
or being left behind?

Transformation at Work.

The only constant in business is change.
The only question is, are you evolving with it or being left behind?

At NorthFind Management we are practitioners first, consultants second. We help clients from startups to Fortune 500s identify the need for change by translating theoretical concepts into real world outcomes. Once we have plotted the journey, we work with each unique client to manage or lead a cultural transformation across the organization, from the board room to the shop floor. Together, we build the internal capacity to support supply chain optimization, train and measure the people, and ingrain the process knowledge into the culture so you can sustain your own results long after we are gone.

NorthFind Details

Globally Recognized

The Institute of Business Forecasting is the world’s foremost body of knowledge on demand planning and forecasting. In 2013 the IBF chose NorthFind as its official implementation partner. Likewise, some of the world’s most respected demand planning and S&OP software platforms – Steelwedge, Activ Technologies, and eBizprise – have made NorthFind their official partner for client process support. Our work is recognized globally and we are proud to support some of the world’s best supply chain solutions providers.

Practitioners that drive results

We are a global Operations and Supply Chain Management consultancy with Associates located in North America, Europe and Asia. All of our Partners and Associates have first been successful practitioners and are recognized as thought leaders in their respective fields. We focus on actionable insights and rapid transformations.

Solutions that maximize ROI and profitability

Our first focus is actionable analysis which yields clear strategies and implementations. Our projects are not academic exercises. They are always designed and undertaken with a view to maximize ROI and profitability. We also believe very strongly in quantification. To that end, we always look for opportunities for continuous improvement. We pursue profitability through efficiencies.

Change management strategies that work

NorthFind Management have led change initiatives in Fortune 500 companies and understand that operational transformation takes more than a PowerPoint deck. Our practitioners are change management specialists and are as sensitive to the unique needs of your organization as we are to the technical requirements of any implementation.

Our Method to drive improvement

Our Method to drive improvement

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